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Our country like they’re really good, they’re really powerful, really strong. So I kind of got that feeling that is that really my mom or someone that just mimicking my mom’s voice? There’s two cameras right outside my grandmother’s house on the front, and they are monitoring what is going and going off from the house.But once I added my sisters on the line because it’s on my cell phone, like a direct phone line, and then as soon as one of them starts speaking, just by the voice, the first couple of words, my mom was able to pick up who she is. Also, they gave her a cell phone themselves, so they know my mom’s exact location. So basically, she was released from the camp to the open air prison that everyone says she talks to on the phone, is monitored, and then tracked by the Chinese government.And so Ferkat was very depressed, and he was doing a lot to try to get his mother out. At first, I think we sort of thought maybe nothing would happen. It’s this kind of tremendous moment where somebody who, all intents and purposes, he spoke of as almost having been dead in a way because he just had no understanding of what could have happened to her, and she had health problems, to all of sudden having her right in his ear. She, too, is overjoyed, and he can hear the emotion in her voice. And I learned Mandarin Chinese, our national language, our country mother language. But I wasn’t expecting that’s going to come from my mother’s own mouth. So that phone call between Ferkat and his mother appeared to have been this brief moment when the Chinese government is aware that there is a lot of international attention on this case. But it was very brief, essentially just to make that call, a call that sounded like it was guided by the Chinese government. So the idea that she could say anything at all reflective of what she actually felt is just nonexistent.Because she said, son, I have been well taken care of. So then she said, my smart son, my stubborn son who doesn’t stop until he reaches his goals, I heard what you did. So then a few weeks go by, and again, all of a sudden, his mother starts contacting him over a messaging app popular in China called We Chat.

Since then, the state media have vigorously defended the police in Hong Kong, belittled the protesters and accused Westerners of orchestrating the turmoil.

And when a Chinese flag was thrown into Victoria Harbor on Aug.

3, the reaction in China — at least online, stoked by state media — reached a fevered pitch.

The assertion was more than just spin or fake news.

The Communist Party exerts overwhelming control over media content inside China’s so-called Great Firewall, and it is now using it as a cudgel in an information war over the protests that have convulsed Hong Kong for months.

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This narrative almost certainly reflects that of the country’s leaders, including Xi Jinping, and it is fueling misunderstanding — and, increasingly, anger — among the Chinese public.

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