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But, since it's free, it's worth checking out.Lesbian dating apps used to be a few heterosexual dating apps that allowed a woman to indicate she’d prefer a date with another woman, but then still she’d get matched with a man.When you create a profile, it asks all sorts of random questions, using your answers to create matching percentages between users.Because of this, Ok Cupid has one of the highest ranges of customizability in the world of dating apps.

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The problem with such niche sites, though, is the membership is probably going to be sparse, and, especially if you live in a small town, finding an active user near you could be quite a challenge.

A mainstream dating site with an established base provides more opportunity to meet people, and most of the top dating platforms cultivate LGBTQ-friendly spaces.

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When my friend came out as a lesbian, she was hesitant to try online dating.

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You can identify as a woman seeking women on a site like and get the same targeted dating experience of a niche dating pool — but with more date options.

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