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It starred Penny Marshall as Laverne De Fazio and Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney, single roommates who worked as bottlecappers in a fictitious Milw...

writers Lowell Ganz and Mark Rothman), the show starred his sister Penny Marshall as Laverne De Fazio and Cindy Williams as her roommate Shirley Feeney.

If people don't go to games, then Shotz can't sell them beer. Squiggy: [Telling Laverne, Shirley, Frank and Carmine] You're right! [Leaving Laverne & Shirley's apartment] I'm not gonna pass it for one simple reason! You lied to me, you hurt my feelings, you got me punched out, and you got mustard on my best jacket!

Laverne: [Reciting the poem she wrote about Shirley, titled "My Friend"] My best friend is Shirley Feeney, the best in all the land.

If I had one wish in life, I know what it would be. One is a knockout - a long-legged beauty whose tall, senseless body makes me forget my miserable childhood.

Shirley has a blind date with Eraserhead and it isn't quite what she had in mind.

Long-running slapstick sitcom (with a great theme song) about two single Milwaukee women sharing an apartment and working at a brewery in the 1950s.

Lenny and Squiggy appear in on the television show, The Dating Game. Laverne and Shirley is another good example of a successful spinoff and mid-season replacement.

----------------------------------------- imdb: wikipedia: . It debuted in January of 1976 and was an instant hit. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

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Their circle of friends included oddballs Lenny and Squiggy, and Shirley's sweet boyfriend Carmine.

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