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These days, celebrity couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan, who have two kids together (3-year-old Hathaway and 1-year-old Romeo), are viewed positively by the public, with great support from their fans.However, in the early days of their relationship, the public was less than welcoming with the idea of their relationship due to their age gap (the pair started dating when Hannah was 17 and Jay, 31).The wedding will take place in Europe with only 50 guests and is estimated to cost NT million (S7,000), according to Chou.A separate wedding banquet will be held in Taiwan for his 90-year old grandmother after his Europe ceremony.21-year Quinlivan has been more vocal—while her boyfriend has denied rumors of invitations and proposals, she’s hinted towards wedding bells in January, even mentioning her preferred style of dress (“princess style”).But, the model tells the fans to wait a little longer; everything will be announced once their plans are completely settled.“I often don’t have any cash on me, so I sometimes have to ask her to pay for our meals with her credit cards.I think that’s what being family should be like,” said the 35-year old singer.

Still, fans may agree the news is overdue—though the couple has been dating for four years, this is the first time Chou has addressed the relationship.Hannah also shared that the couple hopes for their kids to be known by their own names, instead of being constantly referred to as “so-and-so’s kid”.She also brought up the example of how she’s currently known as “Jay’s wife”, instead of Hannah.(unconfirmed title) was originally estimated to be NT0 million (approximately S.11 million), but production costs “have been jumping on a daily basis” since filming began, according to co-producer Rio Peng.He added that they are unable to estimate the projected increase in production cost and said that they have smashed at least five cars on set so far.

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