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This doesn't mean that you now need to blame your parents or your mate or whoever for invalidating your feelings and causing all your life's problems. You need to realize you needed validation at that time and for whatever reason you didn't get it.It will explain to you your inner turmoil and from there a perception shift will happen.What I'm feeling is a valid concern."You can also use the Weekes Method.This means that when you don't receive validation from those you're seeking it from, you don't fight those feelings or try to keep yourself together in the face of it.If you've been chronically invalidated by others, you may find it hard to feel a sense of self-worth, go after your dreams, or even have a complete sense of who you are.You'll also find you have a constant craving for approval from others or neediness.

The other benefit of learning to validate others is that you'll develop far better relationships with other people.For example, when you were a kid you might have told your parents you had a bad day at school.If they laughed and said, "Wait until you get a real job then you'll know what a bad day is," this has invalidated you because they've completely dismissed your feelings.The first lesson is all about invalidation and how it causes fragmentation of your identity.It's an excellent course and well worth reading through.

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