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The new stadiums for the Eagles and Phillies don't have an equivalent of the 700 level at the Vet, they just allowed its former patrons to spread out around the entire stadium. From the roll call to the profanity laden chants, who's better than the Yankee Stadium "Bleacher Creatures"?OK, OK, I'm a Yankee fan (whose had the pleasure of being a creature on more than one occasion) so I'm a bit biased here...Upon entering the 700 level, one was greeted with the aroma of beer, pot, vomit and urine. there was a good chance you wouldn't make it out alive.The 700 level was notorious for getting opposing fans removed from the section just for their safety!Following an NFL investigation, it was concluded they do no such thing, the fans are just that loud!The number 12 has been retired by the Seahawks in honor of their fans.They've been know to bring dummies and fake severed heads of opponents to throw around the section.Their tailgating parties are also the stuff of legends, notorious for starting days before the game. They booed a 12 year old girl singing the National Anthem.

basically anything the pound can get their hands on.but you have to admit, the bleacher creatures are one hell of a bunch of fans.The last thing you ever want to do is sit in the bleachers wearing an opponents paraphernalia.The best you can hope for is just to get the "Gay Man" song sung to you.The worst, which I've personally witnessed, is having the jersey and/or hat ripped from your body, torn to shreds and set on fire, after which you are escorted out by the NYPD for your own safety.

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