Importance of dating in relations

For instance, do you tend to hear an appeal in every sentence?Or do you often feel questioned (hence you are listening with your relationship “ear”)?So rather than buying into your interpretation, you could simply say “I realize you were late for our date”.This is a factual observation without any evaluation. Feelings ≠ Thoughts Secondly, it is important that you communicate your feelings. Make sure you and express them in a non-judgmental way.

Observation ≠ Interpretation/Evaluation Firstly, try to communicate your observations without labeling or interpreting them.

This technique is great to discuss an issue that is on your mind.

For instance, your partner arrives late for your date and you feel angry and disappointed.

In the case of a late arrival of your date, you could say “I am feeling annoyed”, or “I am bothered by this because it makes me wonder whether you are looking forward to spending time with me”. Need ≠ Strategy Thirdly, you need to understand and express your needs.

In doing so, you give your partner the chance to decide whether they can and want to meet them.

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