Hooking up sex dating and relationships on campus dating dealbreakers article

“Hooking up is seen as an outlet and you give up on dating.” Some students said that hookups may be more popular within younger age groups.

“The longer someone acts in a particular behavior, the more likely they are to develop feelings or attachment to it.” According to the 2001 survey conducted by the Institute for American Values for the Independent Women’s Forum, hookups were distinguished by respondents as almost always taking place when both participants were drinking or drunk. “The biggest icebreaker is alcohol,” said senior public relations major Lee Hood.

Delayed marital transitions and declining rates of marriage have led to concerns that the rise of the “hookup culture” is associated with a devaluing of marriage.

Previous research on associations between sexual attitudes or overall sexual experience and marital attitudes has produced inconsistent findings and is not representative of modern union formation and sexual norms.

Using a sample of 248 emerging adults, we examined associations between engagement in casual sexual behavior (i.e., hooking up) and expectations for future committed relationships and marriage as well as attitudes toward current relationship involvement.

Contrary to concerns about the devaluation of marriage, results indicated that level of engagement in hooking up was not associated with expectations for involvement in future committed relationships, including marriage.

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