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And today, we celebrate the bravery of those headbanging pioneers for one month! Big Time Girlfriends- Starting scene1 Camille: We musn't! James: If it's so wrong, why were you programmed to love? [clock ticking and James threw the bomb] Camille: Then the explosion throws us into each other's arms. Then we,uh,[throw away script and kiss twice,second time longer] Both: [scream] Camille: What was that?

But LOOK LIKE you're enjoying it, or I will destroy... (brief moment of silence)Gustavo: THESE ARE DIFFERENT PILGRIMS! Or are you gonna grab a number two pencil, STRAP ON YOUR THINKING CAP, and SAVE Rocktober?!

(pours the juice into the cup and laughs lightly) Then, they'll pick up the needle sharpened straw (cuts off the bottom of the straw with scissors), push the straw down into the smoothie then BOOM! (he moves the straw down into the smoothie, but the balloon explodes in his face) AHHHH! He's the load high king and he forced us all into a prank war! (Bitters shoves him, making him set off a whoopee cushion. now, Kat's Krew is extremely talented and dance and sing amazingly. (A kid kicks Kendall's seat while playing video game) You, know, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I clap and things happen (James claps) (Music turns on)(Kendall looks weirdly around in questionable face) (Kendall grabs for candy and James slaps Kendall's hand out of the way) ANDDD i don't have to share my hard candies with anyone! We've been friends forever, and we have a MAYBE world tour coming up so could you please just apologize to Carlos so he can apologize to Logan, AND DON'T SAY ONLY IF LOGAN APOLOGIZES TO YOU FIRST!

They'll see my free smoothies, but what they don't know is in each smoothie is a hidden balloon (puts one in a cup), filled with 120 pounts of pure nitrous oxide pressure. (Everyone starts looking at the t.v.) With duets with your all of your favorite stars like international superstar Fabio, Lightning the T. Cause we're gonna rock this out...(sounding uncertain) and put posters on the wall... I love both bands at this table but I did not go through what I went through back into 90's. So why shoul I talk to the governor ans stand behind me from the photo laws. (Jo and Kendall look worried at each other)James: Here's what matters, moving out of the crib and into here was my best move ever!

Josephine Marie "Jo" Taylor was the new girl at the Palm Woods and is Kendall's girlfriend from North Carolina. She is an aspiring singer and actress, although she's never been heard She first appeared in Big Time Love Song, where the guys were battling it out to see who would get to date her.

You're a hair model prince who's spying on my country. These guys' songs have infectious melodies, classic pop hooks, and Big Time Rush will crush the 6- to 16-year-old demographic, which is your core music-buying base. Deke: [reading his blog] "Big Time Rush is just another band force-fed upon us by the music industry. 'Cause I gotta be honest: I don't like us right now! And you snore in the dark and it's freakin' us out. Mercedes, you're my new hit-predicting adviser, and this way, we'll get to spend more time together. [everyone cheers, and Lolo somersaults while being held] Anything else for my princess? Gustavo: In light of recent skunky events, I have decided... From the blogger that only writes the truth, it's clear they're full of rehearsed sound bites, choreographed body language and no real substance." (James yelps) "I suspect their words, hair, wardrobe and singing is done for them. Worse than that, since when did we start caring about what people think about us? Kendall and James: (singing) Please don't stay another moment. (Gustavo shuts off the game)James: Oh...maybe I did ask a few girls out. I'm a, i'm a go get some punch, you want- (they get riled and chase him out of the room while yelling) UAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! You blatantly disregarded my orders to stay away from Jordin Sparks.

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(Gustavo tries to talk, but his mouth is taped shut) I can't understand you, Gustavo, because your mouth is taped shut. Kelly hands him a disk which he then hands to his executive) Upload this immediately so kids can enjoy a big time Christmas all around the world. [to James] James is still too self centered, and only cares about himself. (raps) Don't wanna get nasty, but this is how it rocks. (the boys shoot confetti) It's a three-movie deal?!

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