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Last summer, I spotted Jessie her first pair of American three-toed woodpeckers, this time slightly the ground on a log—a small improvement from the fowl I’d spotted in Borneo.

She even writes about researching andreading about birds.“Something that took some getting used to was how many random phone calls he would get from older men that I knew nothing about.” They turned out to be innocent birders calling Matt to report sightings, plan trips, or get tips. Only the groom was a birder when they married; five years later, the bride had taken up birding and renounced Christianity for atheism. When dating a birder, everything—from religious beliefs to daily habits—is affected by avifauna.But they were also unexpectedly useful assets—bullpen relief for nonbirding partners wishing to sleep later than 5 a.m. Jessie refers to children as “offspring.” Homes become “nests.” Noteworthy hair becomes “plumage.” A few weeks ago, lounging on the couch, Jessie said she was roosting.Hiking loops work wonders; on that trip, I completed an eight-mile circle and linked up with Jessie after she’d gone less than one and a half. I hung back for a bit, lovesick and even a little envious, watching Jessie stumble onto gold mines of her own fascinations.She’d just moved to Beijing with me, and Thailand marked her first time birding in Old World tropics.

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