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Slowly followed the effort to express the forms of living things, all in geometric style. They are found in Crete on seals of ivory, stone, and other material in the form of cylinders, buttons, and prisms. It is this commerce which en- ables us to set the closing date of the Early Minoan age at about 2200.« Area of the culture. The chief seats of culture were Cnossus and Phaestus. STAND FOR VASE: KAMARES WARE (From Palaiokastro, Crete) /////////// ^/^///n^/Z/z Tu H PORCELAIN TABLETS IN FORM OF HOUSES THE MINOAN AGE 13 naturalistic are the patterns in faience for which the close of the Mid- dle Minoan period is famous.'' Palaces; Writing. I should rather be upon the field as the servant of another, of one who had no land and little property, than a king of all the dead." ^« Elysium. In moral living the Homeric Greeks derived little aid from their deities. The human body was represented 2 The beginning of the neolithic age is variously dated from 12000-10000 B. Their near resemblance to Egyptian types proves an inter- course between these two countries in the age of their production. Hall, Decorative Art of Grecc in the Bronze Age, 6-10. In this period the Aegean civilization ex- tended from the Cyclades to Troy and Cyprus, and in the opposite direction to the coasts of Greece. Although early in the age Troy and the Cyclades had the lead, Trojan progress was checked by the destruction of the city, whereas the islands continued their advance. Near Phaestus the modern village of Hagia Triada marks a third important site. Early in the age the kings of Cnossus and Phaestus built great j)alaces. Once only the poet speaks of a future world of hap- piness, the Elysian plain in the extreme West, " where life is easiest for men. It is true that religion taught them to pity and protect stranger suppliants, to honor parents, to refrain from over- weening pride, and in a general way, by precept rather than by the example of the gods, to cultivate righteousness.^^ But their moral progress, whatever it was, must be attributed to purely human effort. The use of the word Minoan is justified by the great number of cities of that age named Minoa. In Crete the eastern towns were the most progressive. The east was occupied by lesser cities, whereas in the west of the island no remains of the age have as yet been un- earthed.* The Minoan civilization now entered upon its most brilliant period. After tv;o or three centuries they were destroyed or fell to ruin, whereupon the kings proceeded to erect new dwellings on a grander scale. The Minoans of this age are the Keftiu of Egyptian records; Hall, Aeg. No snow is there, nor yet great storm nor any rain; but always ocean sendeth forth the breeze of the shrill west to blow cool on men." ^" There dwells fair-haired Rhadamanthus, brother of Minos; and thither the gods will carr}' Menelaus, because he has Helen to wife and through her is deemed a son of Zeus. Their virtues were preeminently military — above all, physical strength and bravery. Wisdom was skill in the use of arms or in the management of men, or shrewdness in daily life. The painted designs on them are in various shades of white, orange, crimson, and yellow, developing from the two main color classes of the preceding age. The daggers of the Early Minoan age contain at most but i.287o of tin, and may therefore be described as copper. The old system of writing continued by the side of the new. The aim was not the representation of nature but the creation of a brilliant harmony of colors. In the Middle Mi- noan age the tin alloy has increased to 8-10%, thus producing real bronze, Hazzidakis, BSA. In the deposits which close the age the excavator of Phaestus found a clay disk covered on both sides with pictographs, evidently stamped on the clay while still soft, and representing therefore the first-known printing with movable types. In the beginning of the late Minoan age Cretan civilization, having achieved its utmost, began to stagnate ; it no longer created new forms but merely repeated stereotyped conventions. Cnossus and Phaestus still flourished while other cities declined and disappeared.^^ It would perhaps accord best with the facts to suppose that the king of Cnossus now ruled th£ whole island and made use of Phaestus as a secondary capital.

During their ninety years of rule (647—557) they de- veloped the useful and decorative arts to a high stage of excellence; and in friendly cooperation with Chalcis they extended their lines of traffic in various directions. Immediately to the north of Corinth was Megara, a little city-state with a narrow territory extending across 18 Milesian goods; Democritus, Temple of Artemis, i, in Athen.

In the vases were exported wines, olive oil and toilet ointments. The king had been supplanted by the members of his gens, the Bacchiadae, who, forming a close aristocracy, refused intermarriage with any other class.

Better it is, says Hesiod, to bring up but a single son, especially as heirs often waste 5 op. Even the lonians, not content with their rich native fabrics, welcomed the Corinthian robes of purple, sea-green, hyacinth, violet, and bril- liant red.

The clay, reduced to the utmost purity, was moulded in artistic forms. 105 (one thousandth part of certain Minoan daggers at Rome is zinc and lead). From the original pictographs arose a linear script, in which some characters are doubtless ideographs, denoting things rather than sounds or groups of sounds, whereas others seem to represent syllables. "^^ The father was head of the family but the mother's 56 Od.

In the egg-shell thinness of their walls they may be compared with the best Haviland china of today. Royal archives of clay tablets indicate its use for governmental business.

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