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I also want to emphasize that by talking about women I’m not suggesting that males don’t also encounter violence or that what men experience doesn’t matter. It’s just that the violence largely occurs between people who know each other.

I was surprised to find that in countries with a lower socio-economic status and with even higher rates of sexual violence, the likelihood that the victim already knew the perpetrator was even higher, according to the World Health Organization’s global and regional estimates.

While everyone else was stressing out over my big trip, I felt even more reassured. That sounded like pretty good odds to me considering that a gunman had opened fire in a Colorado movie theater killing 12 and injuring 70 just a few weeks prior.

And that’s why it’s news when a female traveler dies abroad – because it doesn’t happen that often.

I remember the untimely death of two female travelers in Vietnam making headlines when I was getting ready to leave for the trip that I’d been planning, saving, and frankly stressing over for nearly a year.

A couple of girls had mysteriously died, most likely from poisoned drinks.

I want to back it up this time with facts, so I did a bunch of research with my team to bring you the following crystal clear conclusion: Traveling abroad makes you statistically safer than staying at home.

According to the Astonishingly, in more than 8 out of 10 reported cases, the victim knew the perpetrator.For more stats, peruse the Global Peace Index by Vision of Humanity, which ranks countries by safety based on human rights, violence, and other statistics.The US is ranked 122 out of 180 countries for safety, coming in behind several countries in Africa and South America.It’s also worth noting that most unnatural American deaths abroad have to do with motorized vehicles, which are the fourth leading cause of death domestically as well.Other causes include drowning, suicide, and 2000 homicides in a 13-year period.

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