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(2000) The Mineralogy of the Massive Sulphides in the High Grade Silver Swan Massive Nickel Sulphide Deposit.

Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining 2003 Rovaniemi, Finland December 2003; Sung, Y.

Hydrothermal alteration, ore fluid characteristics, and gold depositional processes along a trondhjemite-komatiite contact at Tarmoola, Western Australia.

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(2010), Granite Cored Domes and Gold Mineralisation: architectural and geodynamic controls around the Archaean Scotia-Kanowna Dome Kalgoorlie Terrane Western Australia, Precambrian Research, 11/2010, 183(2), pp316-337, 2010Pasi Eilu (2003) Exploration for orogenic gold deposits. The nature of gold mineralization in the multistage Archean Sunrise Dam gold deposit, Eastern Yilgarn craton, Western Australia (Doctoral dissertation, University of South Australia).

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