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For instance, street-based sex workers are consistently found to experience more victimization than indoor sex workers [15,18].Street-based sex work, however, may provide sex workers more autonomy and earnings than indoor managed spaces like brothels [4].Furthermore, it analyzes how governments’ political ideologies towards prostitution shape their regulation of these spaces and how sex workers respond to government controls.Space, far from a mere background for the activities of society, plays a key role in manifestations of social hegemony and in individuals’ experiences and power.We understand why you are blocking ads, but just know it compromises your site experience (features may break or not appear entirely) and prevents us from investing in the Future of Porn.While many studies examine how different legal approaches to prostitution affect sex workers’ living and working conditions, few studies analyze how sex workers’ physical workspaces and the policies regulating these spaces influence sex work conditions.

They were protesting the recent law passed by the legislature to prohibit whiskerías, bars in which the waitresses or dancers are often sex workers [3].

In Birmingham, England, sex workers turned to window prostitution as a “tactical response” to prohibitions against street sex work, forming the current red-light district ([21], p. Not only does the state, thereby, shape urban space, but so, too, do sex workers themselves [21].

Sex workers are limited in their “experiences of space” by government control, but they exercise “resourcefulness and resistance” through the “construction of their own particular spaces” ([22], p. Sex workers can exercise some power against state control through the spaces they create for themselves.

Gay communities, for instance, often occupy specific neighborhoods or businesses; prostitution similarly occupies specific locations [28,29].

The nature of these spaces influences the experiences and behaviors of the individuals who inhabit them.3The spaces that sex workers occupy within a city frequently result directly from state control over physical space and deliberate exclusion or tolerance of sex workers in specific places.

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