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Unfortunately in my case all my friends are married with families and only seem to know other married with families people :( Jen I know how you feel about friends. Though I did have one 18 year old ask me out saying in his message to me that he "liked the secutary look" (sic) lol I told him I'm not into school boys lol singlelady writes...

Ppl Ive met are either married now or have g/f, b/f. Having just turned 40, I thought I no longer can be bothered hoping to meet anyone. Have you noticed that once a single friend becomes a couple you are dropped off their social list?

RSVP is also similar but it has alot of married men and women on there. IMO they are full of guys looking for an easy pick up and an easy way to cheat on partners.

Best way to meet ppl is go out and meet them in a pub or singles partys. IMO, the only way to meet someone decent is through friends of friends.

When I was there though, there was a capability for free messaging which disappeared around the time we left. Been seeing her for 3 months now and she's everything I've been looking for!

He started out just looking at profiles, then finally mustered the courage up and started sending out kisses.

He got a few bites, got chatting to a bird in Adelaide then got a message from a girl in Perth, they met up and now have been seeing eachother for the last couple of months. I have a lot of contacts on Oasis Active but am not so sure people take it seriously.

Plus of course, the guy to girl ratio is heavily stacked against a guy.

I've spoken to girls who have logged in after a day or so to 250 requests. I met my girlfriend on aussiematchmaker, and I remember we talked when we first met about any other people we'd met off there, and she said that half those guys with the shots of the great bods looked nothing like their photos.

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