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During the current season, in at least a few episodes, it was suggested that Fran's mother was pregnant on her wedding night and that she encouraged Fran to be as sexually active as possible on her prom night.

Yet synchronicity and a concern for the children have conspired to keep Fran untouched by Maxwell till their wedding night. A stately New York landmark is transformed into the most elegant of wedding halls.

Will the movements in American Judaism ever come to a consensus at least to discourage depiction of such a ceremony in the context of TV sitcoms?

As for The Nanny, the next season will be a turbulent one for all concerned about how intermarriage is depicted on TV.

The program's creator and star, Fran Drescher, actually invited her childhood cantor to participate in this depiction of a marriage ceremony by a Christian minister and Jewish cantor, and he was obviously most willing to appear on camera and to sing the traditional welcoming song, Baruch Ha'bah. At times, we were told that it was not crossing picket lines or gathering for a seder (even with the conviction that Barbra Streisand is the real messiah).

The TV ceremony even came complete with the traditional breaking of the glass, and the guests breaking into and, of course, a rousing hora to Hava Nagila, with bride and groom lifted on chairs. There were moments of reverence and principle in those sequences, albeit quite short-lived.

These latter "jokes" are often presented on The Nanny as special asides and stage whispers for the "Members of the Tribe." So it would seem that the goal of The Nanny is to universalize "Jewishness" by treating jokes about Judaism as sacred scripture.It has, as I have pointed out before, been steadily developing its own "theology." And, more frightening still, it is attempting to redefine Jewish piety and loyalty.The Nanny has steadily mocked the older generation so that the Baby Boomers appear more virtuous and reverent.One expects that the series will not let us forget that Fran is a Jewish woman in a mixed marriage.To paraphrase the "play on words" of writer Rick Shaw in a charades game on the engagement episode, every "I do" will have its "I Jew." Or, as Frank Lombardi had Max say of Fran in an episode guest starring Joan Van Ark: "Would you excuse me a minute?

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