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You know and love him as Bucky Barnes, but before Sebastian Stan took over the Marvel universe as the most lovable antagonist, he terrorized Manhattan’s darlings.

As Carter Baizen, he charmed both Serena and Blair, but also got Chuck and Nate in trouble with his substance abuse and gambling problems.

was one of the hottest and most controversial series on the air.

The CW teen drama depicted the spoiled lives of entitled high schoolers on the Upper East Side of Manhattan—who wouldn't obsess over that lifestyle?

He starred in a handful of mildly successful movies, including the horror flick Hurley took on the role of the powerful business woman Diana Payne in season five.

He does indeed belong to the category of long forgotten guest stars.

He briefly appeared in season two as Gabriel Edwards.

Diana not only finds herself a boy toy in Nate, but also ends up revealing that she is Chuck’s real mother, who he originally believed had passed away during childbirth.

Only a few years after her stint on In season four, Ivy tried to infiltrate the van der Woodsen family by pretending to be Serena’s long lost cousin.

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