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The standard value for this attribute is This namespace will be used to define the schema location further The most important part is that the URL should be hosted and working and both the URL should be correct.Also, both the URL should have space in between otherwise the validation and autocomplete would not work.This validation reports Problem markers against the Camel Component.This kind of validation was already available through Properties view but there was no global vision of these issues.In Fuse Camel Editor, the classic XML editor is used in the source tab.Consequently, we can rely on the Eclipse built-in validation of xml files against xsd. I will explain what was already available and what’s new which improves productivity.

Choose [Window]-[Amateras] and check [Disable Preview]. Then you would be able to use HTMLEditor without Mozilla.

Configuration files written with XML are validated against the rules specified in XSD.

But in the article, we are going to understand how we can use the XSD to write XML with autocomplete.

The validation scenario called $/resources/dita-1.2-for-xslt2adds Schematron checks that are performed for manual validation and are triggered every time a document is saved.

This validation scenario contains checks that are related to specification and are not mandatory so it can be disabled.

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