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till these periods he has appeared in various popular movie and series and made his professional life successful.But what about his personal life, is he having the same faith.And while Kimora called Djimon her husband, the pair, who were never legally married in the U. “Some people are happily together for decades and they get this fantasy idea to go and get married when it’s just about papers basically…eventually it just goes sour”, Hounson continued to explain.Unless he was secretly married before dating Kimora, we’re not sure how Djimon could speak on this topic from personal experience…..since he and Kimora were never actually married.Hounsou began dating the Life In The Fab Lane star in 2007.Just a year later the two participated in a traditional commitment ceremony in Djimon’s native country Benin.In that ceremony, they shared the vows in front of their close ones. In 2012, the couple met complications and called off their relationship and remained friends.As per the Daily Mail, the couple separated with each other after the five years of their togetherness in the year 2012 in their mutual understanding.

While promoting his new film “Baggage Claim,” Djimon didn’t hesitate to give his two cents when the topic of marriage came up and sounds to have hinted at what went wrong in his own failed Djimon Hounsou has never been married, but during the press day for his new film Baggage Claim he voiced a pretty strong opinion about it.

Anywho, do you agree with his cynical view on the effects that marriage has on “happy” relationships?

If you believe the reports, the Queen of Fab's life isn't so fabulous these days.

Talking about Hounsou and Simmons' relationship it's confusing.

Although the couple wasn't married in the legal process, as per some tabloid source they have performed the traditional ceremony in Hounsou's home country.

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For his part, Djimon obliquely addressed the subject by retweeting the erstwhile Baby Phat purveyor's comment on the matter.

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