Dirty sex chats between boy and girl

I do`t know what to say if i`m one of the father for these girls i really would kill myself for getting these kind of girls as a daughter..I wonder at what extreme they have gone now and spoiling our culture more than ever.....But hey, if you can think about having sex with someone in your mind, isn’t that just as wrong?

It's Sorcha here, the friendliest and most approachable Irish girl you could talk to.

I really felt sorry for their future husbands who are going to marry these kind of girls.

If the Tamil Nadu and girls in the state are moving towards these kind of activities then no girls would be as genuine as guys in the state..

I Really wonder how come these girls can make such kind of chat with their boy friends and making comment about sex....

I really pity for their parents to get a daughters like those....i wonder if these kind of girls are more in Tamil Nadu why should boys be genuine they just spoil the boys and their character and simply walk away like nothing happened..

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