Debbie ryan dating nick jonas

If I wanna go eat at a little restaurant that isn’t fancy, I’ll do it.

If I wanna go without make-up and not care what I look like, I will.

Talking about her preparation to portray 'The Wizard of Oz' star in 'Judy', the 'Bridget Jones's Diary' actress explains that she immersed herself in the screen icon's world to understand who she was.

And I never want to view myself as any different or any better than anyone else.The 13 year age gap seems not to bother either of them. :"The buzz around the property is that they were acting like a couple," the insider tells us. They made an effort to keep things under wraps, using the private pool for members that's harder for regular guests—and paparazzi—to get glimpses of." Then the pair are saying they are just friends who they have been hanging out a lot.Following this the pair were spotted brunching at the Soho Beach House on Sunday. It remains unofficial but we are rooting for the couple.I’m trying to make the transition into grown-up films, so I’m taking baby steps into more adult roles by moving from family to teen movies, and I’m very honored and excited to be working with Nicole.’‘Rather not talk about my purity ring because I never want to put any pressure on my fans, the ring is not important for anyone else but myself’.But my ideal would be to not be known for who I’m dating, because eventually that’s all you will be known for.

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After all they have quite a lot of friend connections.

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