For all their bluff and bluster, men aren’t always as confident as they may seem.Sure, they’re noisy, pushy and often far too boisterous for their own good, but it can take a lot of forced bravado – as well as a little imbibing – to get them to act that way.It was recently reported that former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel is dating ‘Wild ‘n Out’ girl (from Nick Cannon’s MTV show), Bre Tiesi. Back in late December they were spotted hanging out and playing catch as he somewhat tries to get himself back into the NFL.

Sure, if you have the face of Angelina Jolie and the body of Pamela Anderson, it’s going to take a little extra courage for a man to make his move.

If you’re with, say, a girlfriend, and you’re sitting with your backs to the room, singularly engrossed in each other’s conversation, you’re far less likely to get approached.

This is perfectly fine if you don’t want to be approached, but if you’re hoping to get a little bit of outside attention, play to the room.

If you’ve got your nose stuck in the air and your eyes squinted into the distance, you’ll look aloof.

If you put out a “can’t-be-bothered” vibe, people will do exactly that – not bother.

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