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To be honest, if I were a girl and you, I'd keep it quiet, because you're going to get the dickheads messaging and manipulating you so they can be the "first to pop your cherry".Don't emphasise it and keep it relatively quiet.I'm thinking that as I expose myself to new people and new situations, they'll eventually become less scary.

You can find people that will be willing to go on dates and form a relationship, and as long as you are clear about boundaries, the good ones won't be pressuring you for sex.I know from being in your shoes that this might not seem true..after you've had it, sex really isn't all that big of a deal.I would, however, like to recommend that you do lose your v card to a SO, because relationship sex is MUCH better and WAY more plentiful than hook up and fwb sex combined.Keep in mind, there's a lot more to relationships than intimacy, even if it is a significant part. I'm basically in the same boat: a virgin with zero interest in hookups. You need to be willing to go the extra step in meeting people - be that initiating contact, or carrying the converstaion.As far as being virgin goes, given your stance, presumably, you'll have found someone to whom that won't matter by the time you get that far. And if it does, then it just means they weren't the right person anyway.

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