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Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence: A Guide for Preventionists (44 p.) by Jennifer Benner (2013).This guide is intended to help support advocates and preventionists in creating and sustaining bystander intervention programs in their communities.Moving Beyond Individual Level Bystander Intervention Strategies: Why & How?(2 p.) by Hannah Larson, Jennifer Rauhouse & Shana Tobkin (2011).This report discusses 15 innovative case studies of promising prevention programs in the United Kingdom.Programs highlighted include workshops with boys, programs working with drama groups and girls at risk, and training bystanders to intervene to challenge the attitudes of their peers. This research article presents the results of a study evaluating the effectiveness of a bystander education program.This bulletin provides community members with tips on how to intervene to prevent sexual violence, examples of bystander intervention, and a list of resources.This bulletin is a part of the Engaging Bystanders to Prevention Sexual Violence Information Packet.

This fact sheet is a part of the Media Packet for journalists on the basics of bystander intervention. Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention (56 p.) by Joan Tabachnick (2009).This guide highlights six program and their unique approach to bystander intervention and provides lessons learned This guide is a part of the Engaging Bystanders to Prevention Sexual Violence Information Packet.Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence: Bulletin (8 p.) (2013).Through work with the STAND & SERVE initiative, these preventionists discuss making bystander intervention an action-oriented approach to prevention.A Different World is Possible: Promising Practices to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls (66 p.) By María Baños Smith (2011).

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This online resource collection offers advocates and preventionists information and resources on bystander intervention.

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