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In todays modern Azerbaijan it is very common to see women hold high positions in government office and while they do follow traditional gender roles they have a level of respect from Azeri men.

Women are treated as in many former Soviet Union Countries with respect , where it is expected to hold doors open, give up their seats and insist on paying.

Azeri women though Muslim dress very fashionably and follow the latest trends and in todays modern Baku few women still wear traditional head scarves.

Since the Eurovision was held in Baku the world has come to love the music , which is now often heard throughout Europe. The music styles combine elements of folk and modern pop with the traditional.

From the outside Baku looks super modern however close up the locals are deeply routed to their traditional values and way of life more so than any other modern developing countries.

Over hundreds of years different people and cultures have been an influence in the country and many of their traditions have continued in modern day Azerbaijan.

Often you will see young children playing outside until the late hours of the evening totally safe, does this happen in your own city or country?

Hospitality in the Caucasus is second to none your are probably never going to experience such good hospitality any where else in the world so get ready for it. Former rulers were renowned for providing the very best for visiting dignitaries.

You will find the Azeri's welcome guests into their homes and offer endless cups of Azerbaijani tea while serving jam and other condiments you will probably find your self not being able to leave for many hours. You will find they treat all guests to the same hospitality.

If you are serious in searching for a bride from this country you will be best advised to do some research about the country in general and their customs., the women are very beautiful with that Eastern Charm but it may take lots of effort on your behalf to come close to her and her family.

Generally it is muslim men who seek to marry a bride from Even if you are a tourist you will find locals to be warm and helpful towards you.

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