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Following a factory fire in 1809 a new factory was built at St Martin’s Gate.In 1839, following the death of Thomas Grainger his son George took control of the company and encouraged the production of elaborate ornamental wares.Thomas Grainger (1783–1839), an apprentice at Robert Chamberlain’s Worcester factory with his partner John Wood, established a rival porcelain company in rented property in Lowesmore, Worcester in 1801.Like Giles and Chamberlain before them, they started by decorating blank porcelain made by other companies.Then a single dot added for each year through to 1927.Puce Marks1928 Small square1929 Diamond1930 Three horizontal lines1931 OO (two circles)1932 OOO (three circles)1933-1938 Three circles and one dot1939 Then a dot for each year Black Marks 1938 To Date B-1 Black One1938 Three circles and 6 dots1939 Three circles and 7 dots1940 Three circles and 8 dots Blue wavy line sometimes added for 1938, 19B-2 Black Two1941 Three circles and 9 dots1942 Three circles and 10 dots1943 The black mark with no date code1944 Bone china in large letters1945 to 1947 The black mark with no date code1948 Bone china in small letters B-3 Black Three1949 Black mark with VB-4 Black Four1950 Black mark with W1951 to 1954 Black mark with W and one1955 dot added for each year B-5 Black Five1956 R and 6 dots1957 R and 7 dots1958 R and 8 dots1956 to 1972 Black mark which may or may not have dots added for years1988 Black mark with M inside a diamond (M replaces R)1989 Black mark with N inside a diamond (N replaces M)1900 to date: Black mark with R inside a circle (Reverting back to the R inside a circle but with lithographer's numbers added to indicate the year). If you'd like any further help identifying the pattern or if you're wondering how much it's worth, I suggest you click on the link below which takes you to a page I've written especially to help visitors to my site research their wares.Grainger embraced the Neo-Rococo style in the 1830’s and 1840’s, producing a wide range of decorative vases, tea and dessert wares.Characterised by extravagant shapes, bright rich colours and scrolled gilding, this revival style was fashionable with up-and-coming industrialists who could afford to spend money on their homes.

Every following year until 1903 a dot is added near the crown To the left side - even years To the right - odd years.1904 dots are also put under the crest:as follows: One for each year until 19151916 A star is used to replace all the dots accumulated to that date.

During the 1890’s the Grainger factory specialised in the production of hand painted pieces for display, richly jewelled pieces and ivory porcelain in a similar style to Royal Worcester.

Grainger pierced wares were largely the work of Alfred Barry.

Following the death of George Grainger in 1889 the Grainger factory was sold to Royal Worcester who continued manufacture on the St.

Martin’s Gate site until finally closing the works in 1902.

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