Dating on couchsurfing walmart dating policy 2016

Bonus: she has a huge animated “I Love [insert your country]” banner on her profile.

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If her profile shows that she has lots of male friends compared to female friends, that’s a strong sign she prefers to be hosted by men. Furthermore, the closer she’s to her “male friends” (as shown by “relationship type”), the greater the chance they’re way, way more than just friends.

An easy way to see which “friends” got their beak wet is to look for strong relationship types such as “best friend” or “close friend.”A typical couchsurfer stays on average between 1-3 days.

Finnish girls only travel for sex, especially to Latin America and Southern Europe.

A friend and I banged a Finnish couchsurfer who proceeded sleep with every Brazilian guy she met, even attempting to bring some back to our place.

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I’ve found that most Polish girls have affinity for Spanish, while Russian girls like Italian, which is an accurate portrayal of their general preference for men.

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