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and fielded furious looks from a group of young women at a table nearby. Welcome to Saudi Arabia, where you can get arrested — not to mention lashed — for being alone with a man, thanks to the state-sponsored religious police who enforce strict segregation of the sexes.

I'd come to Saudi Arabia from Iowa to do research for a novel, and Yaser was supposed to help me fact-check the details.

The list below is but a snapshot of the key influencers, be they established or just starting out, from across the region: the trend-setters, promoters and content creators who have made a name and shape the agenda. Continue the conversation through our accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The Middle East has not been immune to the rise of the social media influencer.

The Iranian influencer also started a campaign under #becauseweveread, an international online book club that furthers understanding of the world. We have been through so much together - triumphs and trials and tribulations.

We are committed to a world that treats all of us and our children with the dignity and respect every human deserves.

In 2017, Instagram alone revealed that it had 63 million users in the MENA region - equivalent to 10 percent of the platform’s global community.

Such platforms have given women in the region the ability to connect with potentially billions of people across the world, creating communities and linking up followers and organisations, fans and brands.

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