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Still, which restaurant you choose to take your partner to can make or break a date.

Take them to your local Nando’s and you’ll probably end up eating that wing platter alone – there’s a time and a place to get cheeky and this is not it.

This is the spiritual heart of the menu, but on the periphery you’ll also find seared scallops, salads, chicken breast, rack of lamb, salmon, tuna and halibut.

In other words, it’s a list of crowd pleasers and it’s relatively simple – but everything is done very well.

It should come as no surprise that the interior is on point, though: Momo is owned by Mourad Mazouz, the founder of Insta-hotspot Sketch, renowned for its plush, millennial-pink sofas and egg-shaped toilet cubicles.

Finding something that sits in that Venn overlap can be quite a task. The award-winning interior, courtesy of designer De Matos Ryan, is modern and chic and the layout brings diners just enough into each others’ worlds to give the room a buzz.

It is a place for straightforward, unpretentious pleasure, which is exactly the compass heading of the kitchen. Thus, you’ll find steaks from four different countries (American, Scottish, Australian and Japanese), plus plenty of lobster – from simply grilled to the full thermidor – and surf’n’turf combinations of the two.

Don’t forget to end your evening with a traditional mint tea – the perfect way to steal a bit more time with your partner if your date is going really well...

Table choice: Try to get a table in the centre, where the lighting is slightly softer and you’re perfectly positioned for people watching. Standout romantic feature: The low-level lighting paired with the luxurious North African decor make for a winning combo.

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