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The exhibits, made with thousands and thousands of flowers, tend to change with the season and are planned months in advance by a team of nearly 150 people. Just head out the front door and you’re right in front of the Bellagio fountains where water shows take place every 15 or 30 minutes.This one-two punch of romantic time wasting is easily the best free date in Las Vegas. There are a lot of reasons to check out a strip club in Vegas, but Crazy Horse III is especially good at welcoming couples, with intimate booth seating and some surprisingly good sushi prepared by the in-house Japanese chef.Explore nearly two miles of zip lines, spread over four different courses, with views of Lake Mead and the desert landscape along the way.Thick cables mean a smooth ride, and it’s not unusual to spot bighorn sheep, red-tailed hawks, and other wildlife around you.When you think of Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is money!Some of the most elegant and expensive restaurants, bars, and clubs reside here in Sin City.

A great way to unwind and digest all those calories after a long romantic dinner. just a few feet off the ground thanks to a massive blast of wind from below the floor.

Whiz through your social media and you can easily find some extravagant snapshots of suit and tie parties, red carpet events, 00 bottles of champagne, and meals that cost as much as your car note. It’s a romantic place to start or end your cheap dates in Las Vegas.

Yes, you can party like a rock star out here in Las Vegas, but you can also do it on a budget! At these fountains, you will enjoy a spectacular show of intricately interwoven water, music, and lights designed to dazzle the viewers.

Let’s not forget to mention the increase in cab fares and uber prices on the weekends.

Anyone who lives in Las Vegas will tell you first hand that it’s easy to break your bank out here, especially on the strip. This 8.5-acre lake is equipped with 1,214 jets that rocket streams of water over 450 feet in the air!

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You’ll both be washed down in volcanic black soap, detoxified in rhassoul clay, hydrated with honey, and soaked in a tub with eucalyptus steam.

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