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Many people in committed relationship avoid holding hands in public because they feel uncomfortable with public display of affection or feelings whatsoever.This doesn’t mean your spouse doesn’t love you; it only means they are unable to relax and let go of the idea that by displaying their affection towards you they appear weak, vulnerable and, perhaps, immature.In body language you can think of your personal items (e.g, a handbag, cigarettes etc.) like extensions of your body.If you two sit at the table, there is an unspoken rule that says that half of that table is for you and the other half is for the other person [Source:].When we see two people holding hands, we quickly make assumptions about their relationship.Many Western men avoid holding hands with each other for the fear of being mistaken for homosexuals.

Depending on situation, holding hands with someone may mean different things.It can break other person’s defenses and force them to open up to you, or it can have a completely opposite effect by making them feel threatened.♦ Personal space When we attempt to hold someone’s hand, we invade their personal space.Personal space is an important concept to understand.Holding hands with a person of another sex is generally seen as a romantic gesture in most cultures.Unless you want to be misunderstood, avoid holding hands with people you are not interested in even if they initiate the contact.

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You can think of it as your personal air bubble that can expend and contract depending on circumstances.

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