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By law, the government postcards were the only postcards allowed to bear the term “Postal Card.” Private publishers were still allowed to print postcards, but they were more expensive to mail than the government-produced cards (2¢ instead of 1¢).On May 19, 1898, Congress passed an act allowing private printing companies to produce postcards with the statement “Private Mailing Card, Authorized by Act of Congress of May 19, 1898.” Private mailing cards now cost the same amount of money to mail as government-produced postcards: 1¢.Another type of postcard that began to be produced and popularly used during the Divided Back period and through the White Border period is the “real photo” postcard.“Real photo” postcards were first produced using the Kodak “postcard camera.” The postcard camera could take a picture and then print a postcard-size negative of the picture, complete with a divided back and place for postage.Postcards, as we are familiar with them today, have taken a considerable amount of time to develop.

By this time, the front of most postcards had images, which eliminated it as a space for messages.The Universal Postal Congress also decreed that after March 1, 1907, government-produced cards in the United States could bear messages on the address side.Congress passed an act on March 1, 1907, in compliance with the Union’s decree, allowing privately produced postcards to bear messages on the left half of the card’s back.This change was prompted by the Universal Postal Congress, the legislative body of the Universal Postal Union.The convention decreed that postal cards produced by governments of member nations could have messages on the left half of the address side, effective October 1, 1907.

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Many of the private mailing cards, like the Castle postcard seen below, also contained the phrase “Postal Card—Carte Postale,” which indicated that it was allowed to enter the international mail system.

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