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But in order to not let her think that Chinese men are petty, for now I won’t tell her. There are times when I wonder, do I care too much about my Chinese identity and do I want to prove anything?

Even though she really loves you, that doesn’t mean she will do anything for you.

“Of course, the most tantalizing topic between men and women is sex.

So she once asked me, ‘Do you want to try it with a foreign girl? It was her first time to sleep with a Chinese man.”This is the third installment of my English translation of a Chinese-language article on featuring interviews with four Chinese men who dated foreign women. Once we became more familiar with one another we would talk about almost anything.

What do Chinese men value when it comes to marriage? Height, appearance, educational level—in other words, someone they can be proud of “taking out of the house” [someone who reflects well upon them to others]. They don’t care about a girl’s appearance, nor do they care about empty things like educational level or birthplace, only caring about her practicality, that she can make money, raise children, do housework.

So many like girls who look strong and thick, because they can work hard and endure hardship after all.

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men reach their early twenties, their experience with picking up girls, dating, and having sex are already at what Chinese men would have in their early thirties.

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