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In 2009, she was contracted with Rimmel, the British cosmetics company.

Georgia caused a stir when she criticized the modeling world for hiring people based on their online popularity, despite having an Instagram following of 825,000, saying it “doesn’t really make sense.” Georgia is said to be dating her brother James’ bandmate, DJ Josh Mc Lellan-Ludlow.

At the time he was still married to Jerry Hall, but that did not stop Jagger from pursuing the French model.

This time, his wife intervened, and Hall stopped their relationship from blossoming when she found out.

Jagger is passionate about her activism work and founded the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation.

She has since gone on to travel globally to work with organizations and campaigns she feels are important in helping social action.

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With eight children from five different women, Mick Jagger has continued to make headlines through his career because of the ladies in and out of his life. Jagger met Nicaraguan-born Macias at a party after a Rolling Stones concert, during the time Marsha Hunt was pregnant with Jagger’s first child.

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  1. In early January 2017, Amber confirmed the relationship admitting that the pair had been dating for around four months, but only one month later the pair then confirmed they had split!