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That being said, there are those types of Gems who don't trust easily, and they only open up to certain people. Despite this, Geminis usually love gossip, and they are known to talk some trash in their time. Geminis are the types to roll out the red carpet for the person that they love.

Geminis will go all out and bend over backwards for you.

You share everything from a plate of food to a shower and from shameful secrets to gossip.

Because you respect each other’s space as much as you love your together time. She looks after you when you’re ill, no matter how much of a drama queen you are being. Everything you see in the news or hear from a friend, you wonder what she will think of it. You are protective of her, even if it isn’t necessary. You have pictured what your children will look like and don’t actually cringe at yourself for having picked out names you think she will like. She loves you completely, despite your flaws, and you never, ever doubt it.

They also won't hesitate to make you breakfast, lunch and dinner. Geminis love to make you feel comfortable and at home.

This is not something they will do for just anybody.

Your Gemini partner will bring diversity and dynamics to the table.

You can always trust that a Gemini will keep things interesting.

When Geminis want to be, they are often the topics of conversation. They don't want just anybody to know their business (unless it's good business).

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