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The job you currently have isn’t bad, but it doesn’t save a lot of cash for fun. They tell you that one day they want to go on this dream vacation, and they want you to take them. It’s not enough to bring in clean pee for the interview process. Stop using whatever it is you’re using and focus on your career. And don’t ever come to work or try to do your work intoxicated. Padding your expense account is basically stealing from your company. Don’t throw in a bunch of bogus expenses hoping for a payout and that no one will notice. Do not vent this in any public forums—least of all social media.First step is, see #1, to check the zero tolerance policies for any mention of inter-office dating. Third is never to actively pursue a relationship with someone you work with. The more blatant the theft, the more likely you’ll get caught. If you leave work steaming from the ears, turn off your Facebook and your Twitter. You’re in a verified, certified, bonafide online relationship now.

Whatever the specifics, every company usually has a couple of rules that shall not be broken—and if you break them, you’re out. Whether it’s dating subordinates, dating coworkers at all, lateness, or something else entirely, you should find this out within your first week and be very mindful never to break it. Most of the good ones have an off-color or racy element—which has no place on the job.

♥EDITI'm not saying you should never improve on yourself or not taking responsibility for your actions. Because the moment you change yourself, the girl you like wont want to be with YOU (if you get what Im trying to say). Keep on doing what you do, keep on being you, and soon enough someone might find you or you might find someone!

You don't have time to wait for them YOU' RE ONLY GONNA BE THIS AGE ONCE! I only write this as I've seen (myself too) many men worry about them being the problem for anything and everything and they feel like they are losers. Wishing good luck for all the men and women out there! Don't change yourself because of the fear that no one will be attracted to you.

Being in unchartered waters makes you feel somewhat naughty. It’s common for people to tell small lies in the beginning of a relationship.

Many people look down on, or ashamed of online dating. But before you get too excited and start telling people to f*ck off, you need to understand how important this time in your relationship is. Like a job resume, we tend to embellish a bit to make ourselves seem like a greater prospect. Whether or not it actually makes a difference, I doubt it.

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There are so many ways your overtures could be read as harassment…and get you fired. Call your significant other or your mom—or tell your roommate you need to go to happy hour and rant a while. These are hilarious, some even bordering on legendary.

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