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Uadreams is one of the largest match-making agencies in Ukraine.For more than 10 years it provides reliable excellent services and conditions in helping people from all corners of the world to find their happiness and love.In this talk, you will rediscover the power of the Stream interface in a completely new domain; relational databases.You will also learn how nicely it blends in with your existing application, even with no modifications on the database layer.Whenever you write code that mixes languages and domains, like Java and SQL, you are going to get bugs.A solution to this is to move away from query languages like SQL and instead write your business logic with the type-safe and object-oriented constructs we have learned to love in Java, like Streams, Predicates, and Functions.

Uadreams profiles contain documentary confirmed information about their age, citizenship, marital status, children etc.Some users may complain via discussion on different forums that it is not so much for an agency stating that they are not just a regularly dating site but the first-rate match-making operator.As a matter of fact the explanation is quite simple.The common code is compiled for all platforms and can access platform-specific implementations of APIs and libraries.The platform-specific parts are also written in Kotlin and have access to the full set of features of the corresponding platform.

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