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Audubon lost the property as he spent much of his time hunting and sketching birds.Only five years after his arrival, the artist began a wandering life working as a taxidermist and drawing portraits, while his wife supported the family as a schoolteacher.

But Steiner and Harry Shaw Newman II, co-owner of the Old Print Shop in New York and Washington, D.

“Very few did everything as Audubon did,” says Oppenheimer. Breaking sets was common until 1989, when the Havell double elephant became more valuable as a whole.

Only one has been broken and auctioned since then, and the outcome ensured that it will almost certainly be the last.

“I was wrong, but they paid for it.” The Havell double folio of The Birds of America accounts for much of Audubon’s fame, but it is not his sole worthy endeavor.

In 1839 Audubon released the first octavo edition of The Birds of America, a smaller version aimed at those with less-than-princely budgets; individual octavo prints today range from to ,500.

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