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The Ox has a fiery disposition, which makes the Ox a strong role model, but sometimes a little too bull-headed – literally.Some cultures, however, tie the Bull to moon worship because of this spirit animal guide’s crescent-shaped horns.Minos greedily wanted to keep this rare animal so he gave Poseidon a plain Ox, which did not bode well.Soon thereafter Poseidon punished Crete for Minos’ selfishness.Need a heaping help of stability, determination, and sheer epic strength?

Additionally, Ox or Bull as a Power Animal facilitates strong survival instincts.Ox and bull represented wealth, potency, bravery and overall power among Native Americans particularly on the Earth plane.Ox medicine focuses on personal power and the ability to muster strength be it to finish a task or stand on your convictions.If in your Spirit Animal meditation Bull’s big eyes stare into your own, don’t be afraid. But when you need him, Ox will be there to help you move mountains. Ox or Bull as a Totem Animal is a rugged symbol of strength and sacrifice. However, when Bull reaches the boiling point, it’s best to stay as far away from them as possible.Finally, the Ox or Bull Spirit Animal teaches teamwork. When faced with hard tasks, Ox provides endurance (remember the story of Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox? Bear in mind, however, that Ox energy will not allow procrastination. Ox or Bull totems also support applied learning, joint efforts and creating stable environments. The storm blows over quickly but it’s quite the maelstrom until Bull’s anger passes Often times our Totem Animal is already assigned to us at birth, as in the case of Zodiac Signs.

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