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I know it because I tried getting new skills and stuff but it’s pointless because no matter how hard I try, I’m useless at everything.

It’s because I lack looks that I crave only very good looking girls, and I just don’t know what to do and how to deal with being ugly and shit. 18 is a lousy age; you’re theoretically an adult, but you’re at the tail end of the social hell that is high-school, your brain is still bouncing around in a stew of hormones and you have the undeserved certainty in your grasp of how the world works of a college student who discovered Communism and veganism at the same time, despite having next to zero actual life experience.

And I’m guilty of liking only very pretty, cute, hot, sexy girls who everyone would agree they are good looking. I’m still trying to accept the idea I’ll die alone but its hard.

And no, I’ll not find love at 30 or 22 or whatever, and no I will not pay for escorts.

Doc, I used to believe that beauty is subjective and different people like different things. No girls would ever look at me, and none ever told me I’m good looking, cute etc.

But that’s complete bullshit and there are certain features that would make a guy attractive for any girl. Except from my mom and grandmother which doesn’t count. I’m almost 18 and I never ever dated a single girl, never held hands with one and never kissed one.

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