Dating a serial monogamist

Currie has been a featured speaker at many dating advice workshops for men in the United States as well as internationally.Currie was the first African-American to be a featured speaker at The 21 Convention and was a featured speaker for the second time on Saturday, October 13, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. Contact him at [email protected], men have been known to be very jealous, possessive, and territorial when it comes to their dealings with women.

For the record, I am not a serial monogamist, and I think they’re giving romantics a bad name.Typically, men who are seasoned ‘serial monogamists’ tend to flourish during this period and generally tend to be in high-demand among single (and lonely) women.Many women adore men who seek to enter into a long-term, emotionally profound, strictly monogamous relationship with a woman.For example, a serial monogamist will maintain a strictly monogamous sexual relationship with Woman #1 for say, six months; Then, after breaking up with Woman #1, this same serial monogamist will then enter into a subsequent strictly monogamous sexual relationship with Woman #2 for say, four months; Then, after breaking up with Woman #2, this same serial monogamist will enter into a strictly monogamous sexual relationship with Woman #3 during Cuffing Season of 2018-2019; Then, after breaking up with Woman #3 right after Valentine’s Day of 2019, he will repeat his cycle of very short-term strictly monogamous sexual relationships with various other women over and over and over again. Conversely, a number of other men tend to engage in long-term non-monogamous sex with two or more lovers who they have developed an emotional bond with.There have been a few dozen male celebrities who have been infamously known for being serial monogamists, but a good number of them eventually went ahead and tied the knot and exchanged vows as they got older. So, what do some men find appealing about serial (short-term) monogamy as opposed to short-term or long-term non-monogamous sexual relationships?

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