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He continues to throw popcorn into his mouth while he laughs.He doesn't bother to swallow before he drinks from his juice box.Mac immediately recruits Frank into the band and Dennis leaves the Gang completely appalled.Mac then invites Frank to take he and Charlie out to buy instruments.Dennis protests and reminds all of them that there isn't a single person in the pub with any musical ability whatsoever.Frank, however, is quick to point out that nobody needs musical ability to make it as rock stars in the current world.

She informs him that his shirt is on backward, but the man dismisses it out of hand.

They need to start their own band, because if a retard can do it and get laid, they certainly should be able to!

Dennis mentions he's always had affection for the idea of becoming a rock god, but Mac immediately disses any skills Dennis might have because his music taste is different from the band's musical direction.

As the two of them argue over which category has more points, Kevin comes out of his room.

Dee and Dennis clam up, uncertain if Kevin overheard the two of them constantly repeating the words "retard", "normal" and numbers associated with each.

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To break the silence, Dee introduces Dennis as their ride to the studio.

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