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New areas of competences emerged as a synergy of multiple knowledge areas – transdisciplines. Aim/Purpose: The aim of this paper is to propose an ensemble learners based classification model for classification clickbaits from genuine article headlines.Background: Clickbaits are online articles with deliberately designed misleading titles for luring more and more readers to open the intended web page.Aim/Purpose: This paper describes an empirical examination of how users’ willingness to disclose personal data is influenced by the amount of information provided on landing pages – standalone web pages created explicitly for marketing or advertising campaigns.Background: Provision of information is a central construct in the IS discipline.

Please write the details of Carl Erskine's obit here.This study addresses the research gap by examining leadership in the context of a new transdisciplinary research organization.Background: Drawing on complexity leadership theory—a framework developed ...Please also tell us as much as you can about the biography stuff below.Carl Erskine (born on December 13th, 1926) was a Sportsperson who was best known for athleticism.

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Aim/Purpose: Provides a theoretical model as to where we should source our information as the environment becomes more complex.

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