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This answer states that one does not have to override the function to have it work. When I override On Validate Password, and simply call the base class, my function gets hit, but it never rejects my too-simple passwords.

* Interview with Zulfikar Ramzan, Senior Principal Re... Authenticated) when the the redirect happens I want to be sure the at the user has not just typed in the url and is authenticated but i am unsure how... I want to develop a website that is hosted by a third party (shared web host initially) that contains sensitive data.

Now, to the other most important part of this – the usage. you just call any of the methods trough the Membership custom class: That’s that. This is far from over as far as the example is concerned.

So, add the following line to This way you are telling the application which provider to use and initialize its members with default values.

Could you call your own provider from Membership class other than using WSAT? The forum you gave did not solve the issue that I'm currently having. On my visual web developer, I only specified a database connection. Moist Hi, moisescujardo As we already know, Membership Provider is an abstract class, so we need to override all the abstract methods in the Custom Membership Provider class.

hi, i'm doing a custom membership provider, starting from odbc microsoft demo, to link a firebird database, trought a little difficult for me, because i'm a delphi programmer not vb !! Except for validating the password strength, it works.

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but , after some hours of work it write and read perfectly ( if someone wants source code ... ) .i've only one problem : the On Validating Password event , that is derived from the anchestor, ( fired in createuser, changepassword and some other sub ) seems don't work. I call the On Validating Password virtual method as shown in the ODBC sample: Validate Password Event Args args = new Validate Password Event Args(username, new Password, true); On Validating Password(args); The values for the relevant are: Minimum password length: 7Minimum non-alphanumeric characters: 1Regular expression: (null) However, entering "myname" on the Change Password control does not cause args. Custom IPrincipal and Custom Membership Provider I want to create a custom IPrincipal so that I can pass around additional information from my users (id for example, ip too for logging) and so that my middle tier components can have the user id without it bieng passed to them.

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