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All methods emphasize economical savings and ultimately aim to reduce the inefficiencies and difficulties that plague a fragmented system.A unified structure poses other benefits, such as consistent training and protocols for policing activities, pooling of resources, and the elimination of duplicative operational and administrative costs.The predicament begs the question of how taxpayer dollars can be better utilized in offering law enforcement services for problems that ubiquitously plague communities.A consolidated structure has been contemplated in the law enforcement community as potentially providing the much-needed uniformity.Unfortunately, generating revenue is often a mission thrust upon police due to the economic blight afflicting many communities, forcing a predatory style of policing. Louis communities, predatory policing became so pervasive that protective legislation known as “Macks Creek” laws were enacted limiting the amount of operating revenue a municipality could collect from law enforcement fines and fees.

Yet at its core, equally-qualified law enforcement should be available to all.

Consolidation is one solution that appeared to have been successful in some jurisdictions. Proper implementation requires the coordination of hundreds of people at all levels of society.

But for the betterment of law enforcement, citizens, and society, it may be an effort worth undertaking.

Additionally as a practical matter, job cuts would be inevitable, particularly where “functional” consolidation saves on staff by reducing the number of people performing similar services across departments.

There are also upfront costs of consolidating necessary to establish uniformity.

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