Consolidating itunes libraries windows

For Win 7, the i Tunes 11 Music folder's default path is C:\...\...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.For i Mac, the path is...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.This option may take a little longer and requires enough space on an external hard drive.However, it may be your best choice if you are gathering music files from a diverse number of places and even formats, and moving as many as you can to one i Tunes account.As all we know, i Tunes accounts allow us to warrant only 5 computers.If you'll not play the i Tunes library in the old computer, make sure de-authorize this computer.

When you have a beloved i Tunes music collection that you’ve carefully curated for years, you definitely don’t want to leave it behind, and you may not want to re-download everything one album at a time from your Apple Account, either.Here’s how to begin: Update everything on both computers so they are running the latest version of the operating system and i Tunes. Prepare your i Tunes library by opening Since the advent of Mac OS Sierra, all you need is for both computers to be on the same wireless network for Migration Assistant to work.However, for a faster connection, you may want to use an Ethernet cable instead.And switch to "Advanced" option and find i Tunes Media folder location.Just copy sub folders from your Music folder on one computer to the corresponding folder path on the other computer.

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