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Ideally that kind of information would sit in the BGG listing or the Iello product listing. I'm wanting to know if I should pickup the current Halloween pack and re-sleeve all my cards with solid backs or wait for a legit second edition version of it.Compatible Partners is not your average gay dating site.King of New York on the other hand already has the art by the current artist and matches the app so assuming there isn't any legal issues with the characters there isn't really any reason to expect an updated edition anytime soon.The King of Tokyo Power Up will be updated to match the new characters and allow Ko T characters to be used in New York.

The 2nd edition of King of Tokyo: Power Up has been officially confirmed here.Are the expansions compatible or even necessary with the 2nd Edition?I'm about to jump in and noticed all the expansions for the first edition. Only thing that might be affected is the cyber bunny/ cyber kitty monster, but I honestly believe the power up expansion was not affected by the change.Whether it will be compatible with 1st Ed Ko NY I can't say but it will definitely be compatible with 1st Ed Ko T if you also have 2nd Ed Ko NY. The upcoming King of New York: Power Up will only feature powers for the King of New York monsters.There is only one edition of that game so there is no edition compatability issues there.

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At Compatible Partners, we are committed to helping gay singles find love every day.

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