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When it comes to dating and socializing with the opposite sex, women must abide by the strictest standards and remain a symbol of purity.

Thus "casual" dating by females, with no intention of marriage, or dating outside the community is out of the question, said Shanaz Goldman, a social worker at Great Neck North since 1994.

"Parents will encourage him to have a girlfriend - it's like a badge of honor."Sabatelli agreed.

"While Iranian girls are not permitted to date, Iranian boys are encouraged to 'have fun,'" he said.

Not only does the strict bar against girls dating or socializing with the opposite sex collide with American popular culture, but the rule, under Jewish-Iranian tradition, also exempts boys who are free to date any and all girls - a double standard that sometimes creates puzzlement and resentment among Jewish-Iranian girls.

"For a girl to be seen with someone, or even a rumor about her, can get brothers and fathers excited," said Angelo Sabatelli, assistant principal at Great Neck North. Now everyone thinks she is not pure."Though the fight was unusual , the issue of dating plagues many of the Jewish-Iranian teens at Great Neck North, which has a 38 per cent Iranian student population, most of them Jewish.As expected, the majority of members you will find on are in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County (ok, not a city), San Diego, The DC, Virginia and Maryland area (aka DC Metro), Toronto, Vancouver, London, and other cities that have a sizeable population of Iranian singles.If looking to date, and possible fall in love and marry, an Iranian man or woman, please consider Iranian Personals as it is the largest and most successful dating site for Persian singles living abroad.Any form of dating by teen-age girls is prohibited, and dating outside the faith deepens the disgrace.At stake is the family's reputation and the girl's chance for marriage.

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