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By now you're familiar with the idea that a formula can help you find love.Except the formula you're thinking of is an online dating site's algorithm, and the formula I'm talking about is something you can do all on your own.11th (Canada)Hacking JDate To Find The Perfect Jewish Hubby, The Jewish Daily Forward, Feb.12th Why Data Is The Secret To Successful Dating, The Guardian, Jan.She also felt that the questions in the profiles were too superficial for her purposes.Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to use the online dating programs as databases to reverse-engineer the system and create her own questions based on her desired traits in a mate.Armed with the findings from her experiment, Amy revamped her profile and gave online dating another try.

She then built a scoring system that helped her mathematically calculate whether the man she found online would be a match for her.

Rebounding from a bad breakup with a long-term boyfriend, Amy Webb decided to give online dating a try. The first didn't offer to cover or split the bill, then lit up a joint on a public park bench. Online dating horror stories are nothing new, but here's what is new about Amy's story: instead of blaming online dating, she realized the problem was her approach to it.

Online dating algorithms rely entirely on user-generated data, which means bad data in, bad data out.

She heads the digital strategy house Webbmedia Group, and is the founder of Spark Camp, a weekend discussion series that focuses on big ideas around media.

If you are interested in interviewing Amy for your publication, website or show, please contact Cheryl Cooney at [email protected] call 267-342-4300. 14th She Wanted a Husband, So She Did The Math, The Times of Israel, Feb.

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Is it possible that everyone was telling the truth?

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