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In some cases the lure of porn and sexual sin will be even greater because you will have more responsibility as a married man.Stress, being tired, and conflict are often triggers for porn use and marriage will have seasons of all of this.Think about the type of long-term future you could have with a woman when you are dating her. I’m not even saying that if you fall in this area from time to time but repent quickly that you are no longer qualified to date and marry a great Christian girl.What I am saying is that there are millions of Christian men who are privately addicted to porn.What are you overly attracted to about women that in the long-run are not that important?Are you over valuing her hair color and totally missing an amazing Christian woman who is beautiful but has a different hair color?Attraction is important, but attraction is a fickle thing when it comes to men and women.

You are probably asking her to be what you feel is missing about you.

Likewise, you may not be blown away by a woman’s external beauty the first time you meet her, but if she starts showing interest, thinks you’re funny, really respects you, thinks you are a strong man of God, and wants you to lead and love her, watch out because fireworks are about to fly.

Therefore you will need to be wise and know yourself.

So the fourth piece of advice I would give Christian guys is this: Go to a woman to offer your strength, not to find your strength. No matter who you both were in the past, Christ has made you both pure now if you have both put your faith in him. Make Sure Both of Your Life Trajectories Are Similar Enough So let’s say you both love Jesus, you both have similar theological beliefs, and you really enjoy spending time together.

Trust me, you will have so much more joy in life if you go to her to offer what Christ has given you rather than if you look for a woman to give you what you don’t have. Those are some really big boxes you just checked, which is great.

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